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eHealth Forum 2014, ATHENS

Tech Talks Central interviewed and broadcasted live from the eHealth Forum 2014 at Megaron Conference Centre in Athens, GREECE, during the 12th – 14th of May, 2014. The eHealth Forum 2014 brought together a High-Level eHealth Experts’ Conference on European Priorities, the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA) – incorporating events and an exhibition, a meeting of the eHealth Network, the 4th EU-US eHealth Marketplace & Cooperation Assembly, and much more. The Forum demonstrated how eHealth can further develop existing partnerships to enhance and safeguard access to care and quality of life. It showcased how ICT and innovation on a large scale in health and care systems can contribute to sustainability, economic growth and job opportunities during challenging times.


Brian O'Connor, ECHAlliance

Brian O’Connor /

Brian O’Connor on Can Connected Health Reform Healthcare?

In this insightful interview Brian O’Connor, Chairman of the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) about the role of digital health as a contributor to reforming healthcare; examples of innovative healthcare solutions; and what the future of digital health holds. Interviewed by . . .

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Bridget Moorman

Bridget Moorman /

Bridget Moorman on Shaping a strategy for eHealth

An experienced Strategic Technology Manager in eHealth issues, Bridget Moorman, talks about protocols and standards; safety in home health monitoring; privacy and security; interface problems and the many challenges we face today or will soon face in these fields in our everyday lives. . . .

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FORTH-ICS: Angelina Kouroubali, Collaborating Researcher in Computational Medicine & Prof. Apostolos Karantanas

Angelina Kouroubali /

Apostolos Karantanas, Prof. /

Angelina Kouroubali & Prof. Apostolos Karantanas on Going-to-market for eHealth research institutions: challenges and considerations

Angelina Kouroubali talks about FORTH’s Computer Science and Health research centre outcomes, ‘From Research to Αffective Ιmpact on Ηealth’ sharing 30 years of experience on eHealth, big data and creating actual products for the Greek market. Professor Karantanas takes us on a quick . . .

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Marc Lange, EHTEL

Marc Lange /

Marc Lange on Telematics in Healthcare

Tina Miteko interviews Marc Lange, Secretary General of the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) about the purpose that EHTEL serves; key activities and European projects that the association is supporting such as United4Health; and his thoughts on how to make the healthcare system . . .

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