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Mobile World Congress 2014, BARCELONA

Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest annual gathering of mobile and related industry C-Level executives. If anything is happening in mobile, it can be found at MWC. TTC conducted 38 interviews during Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona - SPAIN, at the WIPJam pavilion at Fira Montjuic, between 24th – 27th of February, 2014


Scott Apeland, Intel

Scott Apeland /

Internet of Things (IoT): An interview with Intel

We talk with Scott Apeland from Intel, at Mobile World Congress 2014 about Intel’s developer program for Internet of Things (IoT), the challenges that developers face, what the Galileo board offers for developers, Intel’s Code for Good program, and his take on how IoT, big data and cloud . . .

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Priya Prakash, Changify

Priya Prakash /

Socent & sustainability: Priya Prakash from Changify

Priya Prakash is a passionate entrepreneur that believes in making services and products with a true purpose. She has been deeply affected by what she has seen in communities of people in less economically fortunate countries and along with her experience in designing products like the Nokia . . .

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Tim Messerschmidt, Pay Pal

Tim Messerschmidt /

PayPal introduces Mobile payments using Beacons

We talk with Tim Messerschmidt, Developer Advocate for PayPal at Mobile World Congress 2014 about what beacons are, how PayPal is leveraging this technology to pilot cashless transactions in retail stores, his take on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins, and much more. Interviewed by Tina . . .

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Sergey Lossev, OPERA

Sergey Lossev /

Want to Get More Out of Your Data Plan? Opera Max

We talk with Opera Software and Sergey Lossev, head of products for Opera Max as he discusses the launch of Opera Max at Mobile World Congress 2014, a free app which promises data savings by compressing data across applications on your mobile device – including video, text, and images – . . .

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