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Researchers’ Night 2015 @ NOA, ATHENS

Researchers’ Night is held for one night in several hundred cities all over Europe and beyond. The purpose of is to convey to the general public the key ideas that Research is a necessary ingredient for progress, the Researchers are an integral part of the community and their profession is both fun, challenging, interesting and worth pursuing. On September 25th 2015 Researcher's Night will be held at the Hellenic Cosmos venue, in Athens. Tech Talks Central interviewed 20 Scientists & Researchers from 5 research centres that are presenting their work during Researchers' Night.


Marina Sagnou

Marina Sagnou /

Leveraging Superfoods for Medicinal Purposes

In this interview with Dr. Marina Sagnou we discussed the use of natural products, some of which are commonly known as superfoods, for the design and synthesis of new organic molecules for medicinal purposes. Dr Sagnou explains how natural products like Curcumin are strong candidates for . . .

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Efstratios Stratikos

Efstratios Stratikos /

Understanding Protein Biomolecules and the Human Immune System

Our talk with Dr. Efstratios Stratikos begins with an overview of the research currently being performed within his research group focused around the study of protein biomolecules and specifically their predominant role in medical diagnosis and in the design of new drugs. Centered around the . . .

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Paraskevi Karachle

Paraskevi Karachle /

Efficient & Sustainable Management of Resources in Fishery

Dr. Paraskevi Karachle is a researcher in the field of Fishery Science, a broad field spanning topics such as fish biology, feeding ecology and ecomorphology. We talk about the implications of what do fish eat, why they eat it and how they adapt. Furthermore, Dr. Karachle’s research is . . .

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Theodoris Geralis

Theodoris Geralis /

Getting a Better Idea About Our World

The close collaboration between the NCSR “Demokritos” and CERN is illustrated once more during our interview with Dr. Theodoros Geralis, Research Director at the Institute of Particle & Nuclear Physics of the historic institution in Athens, and also President of the 300-strong Hellenic . . .

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Harilaos Kontoyannis

Charilaos Kontoyiannis /

From the Gulf Stream to the Mediterranean Seas

Dr. Charis Kontoyiannis is a physicist of the sea, a sea-going researcher who extracts valuable results based on the wealth of data obtained during his expeditions with the Hellenic Center of Marine Research. The main area of his vast experience has to do with sea currents, starting from the . . .

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Ioannis Georgantopoulos

Ioannis Georgantopoulos /

X-Rays in Astrophysics

Space astrophysics mostly depend on ground based telescopes for observation. However the most important part has to do with observation from outer space using satellites and space-shuttles. By observing space from outside of earth’s atmosphere it is possible to gather much richer . . .

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George Mousdis

George Mousdis /

Being a Researcher is Not a Job, It’s a Passion

“Love what you are doing and get paid for that!” That’s the aphorism that Dr. George Mousdis, a seasoned researcher of 30-plus years, kept for his interview with TTC, when asked to describe the greatest benefit of his job, followed by the declaration “which is not a job - it is more . . .

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Dimitra Founda

Demetra Founda /

Rising Air Temperature in Athens, Rings Warning Bell

A senior researcher at the National Observatory of Athens, Dr. Demetra Founda focuses on the “hot” topics of climate change and global warming in the whole area of SE Europe and, most obviously, in Athens. She tells us about the importance of the more than 150 years old temperature . . .

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Sophia Kremydi

Sophia Kremydi /

Numismatics: Lessons From the Past

Dr. Sophia Kremydi describes the history of her discipline, Numismatics, the study or collection of coins, paper currency, and medals. She tells us all about its origin and its evolution from the private to the public collections we admire today; and explains that the reason we collect . . .

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Stamatis Zogaris

Stamatis Zogaris /

Realizing a Conservation Strategy for Marine Life Ecosystems

An associate researcher and member of the 35year-strong Institute of Marine Biological Resources & Inland Waters at Hellenic Centre of Marine Research, Dr. Stamatis Zogaris focuses on biodiversity conservation and protected area planning. He has extensive experience on monitoring ecosystems . . .

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George Fanourakis

George Fanourakis /

A Bright Future for Dark Matter

Particle physicist and Research Director at NCSR “Demokritos”, Dr. George Fanourakis, talks about the scientific revolution that has improved our understanding of the Universe, during the last 15 years, as we try to decipher the mystery concerning dark matter and dark energy, and . . .

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The Researchers’ Night interviews at the National Observatory of Athens where conducted by the TTC Team including Yannis Rizopoulos, George Voulgaris, Venetia Kyritsi, Vagelis Antoniadis, Nick Spanoudakis, Markos Voutsinos, Manolis Kyriakakis and Vicki Kolovou.