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What Mobile App Developers Should Know About Privacy | Tech Talks Central
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What Mobile App Developers Should Know About Privacy

  |   Mobile World Congress 2014

Jordi Bacaria, counselor-at-law at Global Legal Data, dives into consumer privacy and the guidelines mobile developers should follow to embed privacy practices in mobile app development. Interviewed by Tina Miteko for Tech Talks Central.

Jordi Bacaria, Global Legal Data

Jordi Bacaria

Counselor-at-law at Global Legal Data

Jordi is a lawyer specialized in the legal aspects of the Information Society and in Media, Entertainment, Privacy & Digital Law.Legal Adviser in technology and service companies, sports organizations, professional associations, nonprofit organizations and government agencies, and in the field of health and biomedical research.President of the Section of Intellectual Property Rights and Image Rights of the Bar Association of Barcelona.Director and Professor of Master in Information Society Law, Campus-Barcelona Bar Association and Professor of Master in International Business Law, Master in Sports Law and Master in Audit, Security, Governance and Law of ICT. Previous President of the Section of Information and Communication Technologies of the Bar Association of Barcelona 2007-2010 and Member of the Drafting Committee of the magazine (Privacy Law) of the Data Protection Agency of Madrid for 10 years.


  Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest annual gathering of mobile and related industry C-Level executives. If anything is happening in mobile, it can be found at MWC. TTC conducted 38 interviews during Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona - SPAIN, at the WIPJam pavilion at Fira Montjuic, between 24th – 27th of February, 2014