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eHealth Forum 2015

TTC media partner for the eHealth Forum 2015

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The eHealth Forum is a new, dynamic event that promotes synergies on multiple levels, between scientists, academics, entrepreneurs —both of the public and private sectors— in the fields of ICT and healthcare in Greece. The conference is a sequel to last year’s successful eHealth Forum 2014, organised by the same team and the Greek Government – holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, back then.


The topics that will be addressed during the conference are:

  • e-Health legal framework
  • Digital applications, interoperability, certification
  • Clinical management of disease and Healthy ageing
  • Greek and European eHealth Ecosystem
  • Digital applications for the management of pharmaceutical products
  • Financing innovation
  • Challenging topic: eHealth as a tool to address the refugee issue


During the conference, TTC will be present with its own booth and will:

– Conduct interviews with eHealth stakeholders from all over Europe, asking for their input on policies and eHealth strategies. To mention a few names, Marcello Melgara – Trillium Bridge, Paul Timmers – DG Connect, Karima Bourquard – IHE Europe, Catherine Chronaki – HL7, Brian O’Connor – ECHAlliance. The purpose is to initiate -and have everyone contributing to- the conversation for a better and more inclusive Europe when it comes to eHealth policies. These interviews will be distributed online before, during and after the event.

– Broadcast live from inside the event adding several interviews on the spot, from the venue floor.

– Use its social media channels, to monitor and inform the world of the conversations, outcomes and happenings from within the eHealth Forum.

– Run live polls with questions regarding eHealth policies, during the event, for attendee contribution to the conversation.

– Contribute through its host and journalist, Yannis Rizopoulos, in setting up the Internet of Things panel. A conversation relevant to medical IoT applications and developments.


All interviews and conversations will be converted into podcasts and uploaded on SoundCloud under Creative Commons, while the videos will be available from YouTube.


Join us on 3 -4th Dec.2015 at Divani Caravel.