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Researcher's Night Interview Stats [Infographic] | Tech Talks Central
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TTC at Researcher's Night

Researcher’s Night Interview Stats [Infographic]

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Tech Talks Central was part of this year’s (2014) Researcher’s Night at Demokritos #rengreece. In an effort to publicise the hard work of the scientists we interviewed 18 researchers, on the 30th of August, almost a month before the final European event #ERN14. Researcher’s Night happens all over Europe, usually on the 26th of September, towards the end of summer, where the institutes open up their doors to the public and showcase projects, scientific finds and a lot of…magic for the kids to fantasise upon.

Trying to cover all the bases, Tech Talks Central interviewed researchers from a diverse range of disciplines including nanotechnology, materials, astronomy, medicine, history, linguistics and much more. The interviews have been converted into podcasts and you may hear them here.



18 interviews

7 hours live broadcasting

397 sessions tuned in

10 countries listening in

364.100 reach over Twitter

The image displays the stats from the #ERN14 broadcast before and during the Researcher’s Night event at Demokritos