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The Need for Interoperability in eHealth

  |   eHealth Forum 2015

How does compliance with the European Interoperability Framework(EIF) help a National health system’s sustainability? At what percentage would you say your country’s NIF is aligned w/ the EIF when it comes to eHealth? What are the obstacles? Does your country have a published eHealth Strategy and what are its core objectives? In what percentage is it being implemented?

Dimitra Liveri, ENISA

Dimitra Liveri

Network and Information Security Expert at ENISA

Dimitra Liveri has been working in ENISA since March 2013 as a Networks & Information Security officer, focusing on cloud computing and cyber security strategies, by managing the ENISA Cloud security and resilience working group, conducting research on topics like incident reporting for cloud computing, SLAs, certification and standardisation on cloud. She is also working on ways to assist the member states in deploying cloud computing in public procurement through guidelines and recommendations on the topic of Governmental Clouds. On the policy part, she is dealing with the wider notion of cybersecurity strategies on national level and how the member states can enhance security in their network and information systems and CIIs.


Brian O’Connor, ECHAlliance

Brian O’Connor

Chair, European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance)

Brian O’Connor was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and has developed his career as a consultant, manager and/or investor in both private and public companies. He has gained vast experience as a company director in a variety of industries and professions, and has raised significant sums for companies through both private equity structures and stock exchange listings.Through his long established consultancy company, Corporate Direction Ltd, he is currently providing strategic advice to Governments, International organisations and companies on the challenges facing healthcare in general and specifically on the Connected Health opportunity.Brian has founded a number of companies in the healthcare services area in the UK, Ireland and Hong Kong.

Specialties: Business Development, eHealth, mHealth, Negotiations

Catherine Chronaki, HL7

Catherine Chronaki

General secretary of HL7 Foundation

Catherine Chronaki (DiplEng’88, MSc90) is currently the Secretary General at the HL7 Foundation in Brussels, working on several projects related to eHealth Policy and Standardization including Trillium Bridge (Project Leader), eHGI, Antilope, and EXPAND.


  The eHealth Forum is a new, dynamic event that promotes synergies on multiple levels, between scientists, academics, entrepreneurs —both of the public and private sectors— in the fields of ICT and healthcare in Greece. The conference is a sequel to last year’s successful eHealth Forum 2014, organised by the same team and the Greek Government – holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, back then.