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TTCvoice #3 Discussing Barcelonian Startup Ecosystem with Barcinno - Tech Talks Central | Tech Talks Central
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TTCvoice #3 Discussing Barcelonian Startup Ecosystem with Barcinno

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Our 3rd TTCvoice podcast was recorded and broadcast live from Mobile World Congress 2016, in Barcelona. The biggest mobile technology event along with an amazing city, became the suitable backdrop for us to meet the people behind Barcinno, the online collaborative platform that shares news, knowledge & events of Barcelona’s startup, tech and innovation communities. It will be an understatement to say we weren’t thrilled meeting them; these guys excited us with all their knowledge and inside information. Join us and listen to the Barcinno team, Scott Mackin, Hector Manzano Diaz, Lina Maria Ruiz and Sindre Hopland talk startups, local ecosystem and why Barcelona is the Mobile World Capital. Playing hosts for Tech Talks Central: Vicki Kolovou, Sakis Triantafyllakis and Yannis Rizopoulos.

  TTCvoice is our podcast. About time we sat on the other side of the microphone, with opinions & observations from our tech infused world! Stay Tuned!