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Context Aware Technology Provider with High Accuracy

  |   Mobile World Congress 2015

Filip Maertens, Founder and Chief Product Officer of Sentiance a Belgian B2B startup that builds a rich contextual profile on the true behaviour of a user by using the built-in sensors of his/her mobile or wearables. As the company moto goes it makes Smart devices intelligent! Their product is a software development kit with revenues from daily active users. Filip mentions how they were surprised to find that the industry with the biggest interest in their product was the insurance companies since they want to know about our driving behaviour. He goes on to talk about their $2M funding, expanding to Asia and the US, the IPs involved in their product, data, artificial intelligence and the…singularity theory. One of the most interesting interviews to come out of MWC15. Interviewed by Vicki Kolovou for Tech Talks Central.



1:20 “..our algorithms learn for example whether or not you’re driving or whether or not you’re in a car or walking or sleeping and this is picked up automatically, in the background, so the user does not need to enter anything into the device, obviously; so this is learnt and the moment this behaviour is learnt it’s given back to the developers. The developer can start making all kind of cool and context aware experiences…”


5:16 “..there is a lot of competition coming from traditional companies…typically companies that work with blackboxes in the insurance industry. So they do car centric profiling based on a blackbox; this is quite costly, while we do driver centric profiling on the smartphone which is less costly…”


8:58 “..the future of Sentiance will largely be determined by the future of mobile and wearables in general. I guess in that respect that we’re entering a future of what we would call ambient intelligence, where devices like a smartphone or a wearable has this additional level of intelligence or even cars for that matter or in homes. We’re talking about over 1 trillion sensors that will be interconnected by 2020 and if sensors are the eyes and the ears of the Internet then who’s building the brain? We want to build the brain…”

Filip Maertens, Argus LabsSentiance

Filip Maertens

Founder and Chief Product Officer of Sentiance

Filip Maertens is an inspirational tech entrepreneur from Belgium with a edge for machine learning, sensor fusion, robotics, artificial intelligence and mobile technology. He is considered an expert in cyber-security, startups and mobile technologies. As he says on his profile he learned coding at 13, founded his first venture at the age of 18; had his first exit at 21, and first failure at 27. He has been living in the US and Middle East and has a keen interest in cultural differences in startup communities. He is the Founder of the Antwerp based startup Argus Labs, known for building the Jini mobile app that uses sensor fusion and machine learning to transform your smart-phone into a smart-agent. Follow him on Twitter

Specialties: machine learning, sensor fusion, robotics, artificial intelligence

  Tech Talks Central interviewed 37 ICT professionals at the Mobile World Congress 2015, the Health & Wellness by ECHAlliance and the Heroes of the Mobile Fringe, events that ran through March 1st to March 4th in Barcelona, Spain.